Device Class Decoding
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USBTrace is capable of displaying class specific information for the various USB 2.0 defined device classes. Detailed decoded information is displayed for class specific requests and descriptors in Log and Info views.

To enable class decoding you must download the corresponding class decoder plug-in DLL.(See section "Installing Class Decoders" below). To see the list of currently supported device classes see


Figure above shows hub class requests captured by USBTrace. Figure below shows a decoded class request in Info view.


Class decoders will also decode and display class specific device descriptors and related data. Shown below is the class specific information displayed by USBTrace video class decoder for a video device.


Installing Class Decoders

USBTrace class decoders must be separately installed after installing USBTrace main application. Class decoders are distributed as zipped DLLs.

1. Download the required class decoders from

2. Extract them to USBTrace installation directory.

3. Restart USBTrace.