Log View
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The Log View displays the USB transactions captured by USBTrace for the selected device(s) or driver(s).


The Log View displays the following information for each captured transaction.

Seq - Sequence number of the transaction

Type - Type of the transaction

Time - Timestamp associated with the transaction

Request - Type of request.

I/O - Transaction direction (IN or OUT)

Endpoint - Endpoint address of the request

Device Object - Target device object

IRP - IRP address

Status - IRP Status

Buffer Snippet - Shows the first few bytes of the transfer data buffer

Buffer Size - Size of the transfer data buffer

The color in the Seq column can be decoded as follows:

graphic     Outgoing : From host to device.

graphic     Incoming (Success) : From device to host.

graphic     Incoming (Failed) : From device to host.

graphic     Outgoing request returned with status Pending from the device.

To know more information about a transaction, click on it. The detailed decoded information will be then displayed in the Info View. If ToolTips are enabled, just hover the mouse over a transaction and a tooltip displaying the detailed decoded information will be displayed.


You can right click on the log view to bring up the following context menu.


Resize columns to fit - Set the size (width) of columns so that all columns are visible

Set as 'time 0' request - Set the time stamp  of the selected request as zero. Time stamp of other requests are adjusted relative to this request.

Show/Hide tooltips - Enable or disable showing tooltip info for captured requests

Clear Log - Remove all captured requests from the log view

Search - Search captured requests

Filter - Configure filters to remove unwanted request types

Export - Export captured data as an HTML, text or XML report

View perf stats - View performance statistics of the current capture session