Client User Guide
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USBDeviceShare client is used to connect to USBDeviceShare server and remotely access the shared USB devices.

Connecting to Server

From the main screen of USBDeviceShare client you can connect to a remote server by clicking the 'Add Server' item from the Client menu.


To connect to the server you must provide the server URL or IP address along with the server port number (See Server User Guide).

Connecting to a device

Once the connection to the server is successfully established you can see the shared USB devices in the server as shown below.


In order to connect to a device, right click on the device item and click 'Connect'.


Once connection is successfully established with the device, the device status is changed to [Connected] as shown below.


The device is now virtually plugged in to your system. You will be able to see the device in the Windows device manager & access the device as if it is locally connected.

[Note: Please wait for some time after the connection is established for the drivers of the device to load, after which the device will be locally accessible.]

Disconnect device

In order to disconnect and unplug a connected device, right click on the device item and click 'Disconnect'.

Firewall Settings

In case you are running behind a firewall (including Windows built-in firewall), make sure that USBDeviceShare Client is not blocked by the firewall.