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  • Works with all types of USB devices
  • Using USBDeviceShare you can share all types of USB devices over network. USBDeviceShare supports USB 1.x, 2.0 and 3.0 USB devices (low, full, high and super speed). All types of USB devices like scanners, printers, communication devices, storage devices, human interface devices, video, audio, vendor specific devices etc can be shared and accessed remotely using USBDeviceShare.

  • Access USB devices from anywhere
  • You can access your shared USB devices from any computer over network or internet.

  • Automatically share devices
  • You can setup USBDeviceShare to automatically share devices during Windows startup or as soon as a device is plugged in.

  • Deny sharing for specified devices
  • The 'Deny sharing for a device' feature allows you to prevent accidental sharing of essential USB devices connected to your system (for example your computer's primary USB mouse or keyboard).

  • Security : IP Filters
  • 'IP Filters' feature can be used to block or allow only selected clients from connecting with USBDeviceShare server.

  • Security : Password protection
  • Password authentication can be enabled at the server. Only clients which authenticate successfully with the correct password will be allowed to access the shared devices.

  • Device Nick Names
  • You can provide nick names for devices at server so that they can be easily identified. Nick names help to distinguish between devices which has the same device description

  • Inactivity Timeout
  • The inactivity timeout feature allows you to automatically disconnect a device if there is not activity in it. The device will be automatically disconnected if the client connected to the device does not use the device for a specified timeout value.

  • Automatic connection establishment
  • USBDeviceShare client can be configured to automatically connect to a USBDeviceShare server and access a shared device during startup.

  • Supports callback connections
  • In scenarios where the server cannot accept incoming connections (example: when behind a firewall / router) the client can be made to wait and server can initiate the connection request.