Filtering log
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Filters can be applied to view only selected type of transactions. To open the filter dialog click the Filter button in the Log menu or click the graphic icon.


The Use Filter check box should be checked for the filters to be active. To apply the selected filters to the current buffer, click Apply to Buffer. Once the filter is activated only the selected types of requests will be displayed.

Filters can be applied based on the Status (Success or Error), Direction (In or Out) or Data (With or Without data) associated with captured requests as well as based on the type of the requests.

The following types of requests can be filtered:

graphic URBs
graphic Internal USB IOCTLs
graphic User mode USB IOCTLs
graphic PNP IRPs
graphic Power IRPs

You can also apply filters on endpoint addresses. Endpoint addresses must be separated by commas. Only those requests which belong to the specified endpoints will be displayed. If no endpoint address is specified, endpoint based filtering is disabled and requests from all endpoints are displayed.