Searching log
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Click the Search button in the Log menu or the graphic icon to view the search dialog.


Search can be performed on any or all of the following :

1.   Data pattern in the captured request's data buffer. The pattern to be searched can be specified in Ascii, Unicode or Hex in the Search Buffer edit box.
2.   Status (Success or Error), Direction (In or Out) or Data (With or Without data) associated with the captured requests.
3.   Request Type. Desired request types to be searched must be checked in the Search Request tree.

The following types of requests can be filtered:

graphic URBs
graphic Internal USB IOCTLs
graphic User mode USB IOCTLs
graphic PNP IRPs
graphic Power IRPs

Click Find Next to search the log forward & Find Prev to search the log backwards.Check the Wrap Search check box for search to wrap around the logged request list.