Performance Statistics
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After completing a capture session, you can extract a lot of valuable performance related variables from the captured data using this feature. To view the performance statistics window see the View menu or use the graphic toolbar icon.

Performance Statistics

As shown above, the performance statistics window displays the following values for Control, Bulk, Interrupt & Isochronous transfers :

1.   Data written to device
2.   Data read from the device
3.   Number of Passed/Failed requests
4.   Average read and write transfer rates in Mbps
5.   Maximum read and write transfer rates in Mbps

The statistics window also displays a graph of Read/Write transfer rates over packet count.

To export performance statistics as an HTML or text report, click the 'Export' button.

To view error statistics, click on the 'Error Stats' button. The Error Stats window displays all USB errors encountered during the capture session. The 'count' field displays the number of times each type of error has occurred.

Error Stats