Easy-to-use yet powerful visual Web Scraping Software

Web Scraping is the technique of automatically collecting public data (many thousands of records) displayed by websites (over multiple pages) in spreadsheet format which can be saved as a file or to a database. Examples are product listings data from eCommerce websites, property listings data from real estate websites and business listing details from yellow pages websites.

The task which takes many hours or days for a human to perform, the web scraping software can complete in minutes.

WebHarvy is a visual web scraping software, which helps you to easily create web scrapers for any website via a visual interface. Load the page from which you need to extract data and select (point out) the data which you need to extract. It is that easy.

The following are some of the main features of WebHarvy.

  1. Automate browser tasks like form submission, search, clicks etc. to load the page from which you need to extract data
  2. Automate login
  3. Scrape data from multiple pages by following pagination links
  4. Scrape data from pages which use infinite scroll (load more data as you scroll down)
  5. Scrape data anonymously by using proxy servers / VPN / Human emulation mode
  6. Automatically scrape data listed under multiple categories within a website
  7. Parallel extraction from multiple pages
  8. Extract images, text, html, email addresses, URLs etc.
  9. Search and extract data from search results for a list of keywords

To know more please visit www.webharvy.com