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Download USBTrace Installation

USBTrace installation program (setup) can be downloaded from this page. Please click the 'Download' button below to start downloading.

Download USBTrace Download the latest version of USBTrace.
(Version Info: v3.0.1, Build 82, Release Date: November 11, 2014)
Release Notes
USBTrace for 32 bit Windows
USBTrace for 64 bit Windows

After downloading USBTrace setup, run it to install USBTrace in your system. Please note that this is a 15 Days Evaluation Version of USBTrace. This Evaluation Version is limited to capture only up to 256KB of data during a single capture session.

Buy USBTrace and become a registered user to unlock the Evaluation Mode limitations. You will get free upgrades of USBTrace for 1 year and free support from SysNucleus, once you register USBTrace.