USB Device Class Decoding Support

USBTrace can decode and display USB device class specific descriptors/requests and display detailed information regarding them. All major USB device classes are supported. The classes currently supported are Hub, HID, Communication Device, Mass Storage, Wireless Controllers (Bluetooth, Wireless USB HWA), Still Image Capture, Printer, Audio, Video, Smart Card, PHDC, Test & Measurement (TMC).

In case your device belongs to vendor specific class, USBTrace lets you write your own vendor specific class decoder.

Images below show how class specific data is displayed by USBTrace.

Class Decoding

Figure above shows hub class requests captured by USBTrace. Figure below shows a decoded class request in Info view.

Class Decoding

Shown below is the video class specific descriptors decoded and displayed by USBTrace video class decoder.

Class Decoding, Class specific descriptors

More Information

Get more information about device class decoders.