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USB Smart Card class

USB devices which belong to the Smart Card / CCID Device class can be monitored using the Smart Card Device class decoder (Plug-in dll). The decoder will capture, decode and display CCID class specific descriptors, requests and messages.

The following class specific requests are decoded:


The following Bulk-OUT messages (Commands) are decoded:

  • PC_to_RDR_IccPowerOn
  • PC_to_RDR_IccPowerOff
  • PC_to_RDR_GetSlotStatus
  • PC_to_RDR_XfrBlock
  • PC_to_RDR_GetParameters
  • PC_to_RDR_ResetParameters
  • PC_to_RDR_SetParameters
  • PC_to_RDR_Escape
  • PC_to_RDR_IccClock
  • PC_to_RDR_T0APDU
  • PC_to_RDR_Secure
  • PC_to_RDR_Mechanical
  • PC_to_RDR_Abort
  • PC_to_RDR_SetDataRateAndClockFrequency

The following Bulk-IN messages (Responses) are decoded:

  • RDR_to_PC_DataBlock
  • RDR_to_PC_SlotStatus
  • RDR_to_PC_Parameters
  • RDR_to_PC_Escape
  • RDR_to_PC_DataRateAndClockFrequency

The following Interrupt-IN messages (Notifications) are decoded:

  • RDR_to_PC_NotifySlotChange
  • RDR_to_PC_HardwareError

Image below shows a CCID request packet, decoded and displayed by USBTrace.

USB CDC Class Decoding