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USB devices which belong to the Wireless Controllers/WUSB Host Wire Adapter (HWA) class can be monitored using the HWA class decoder (Plug-in dll). The decoder will capture, decode and display WUSB HWA class specific requests.

The following types requests are decoded and displayed:

  • Class Specific Requests
    • Wire Adapter Class Specific Requests
    • Host Wire Adapter Class Specific Requests
  • Notification Information
    • Host Wire Adapter Specific Notifications
    • Transfer Completion
    • Isochronous Completion
  • Transfer Requests
    • Control Transfer
    • Bulk & Interrupt Transfer
    • Transfer Result
    • Abort Transfer
    • Isochronous Transfer

Image below shows a WUSB HWA class request, decoded and displayed by USBTrace.

WUSB HWA Class Decoding